The Anomali Platform | Cloud native XDR including ThreatStream, Anomali Match XDR, & Anomali Lens
The Anomali Platform

Modernize security operations, manage risk, and trim spend

Is your security getting more complex, inefficient, and cumbersome?

Advance security from a reactive alert-driven model to a proactive risk-informed approach with breakthrough visibility, actionable context, and continuous automation. Gain richer risk insights and drive better return on your security investments.

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From exposure management to threat detection and response

Fueled by a highly efficient big data engine, machine learning, automation, and the world’s largest intelligence repository, The Anomali Platform delivers an end-to-end defense against organizational digital risk.

Proactively assess the risk exposure, gauge supply chain risk, and evaluate gaps in your security posture. Automativally correlate ALL security telemetry against active threat intelligence to detect, enrich, and automatically stop breaches and attackers in real-time.

The Anomali Platform helps you gain business risk insights, surface relevant threats, hunt for attackers, illuminate threat context, automate response actions, and defend against today’s sophisticated attackers. All in one integrated platform.

The Anomali Platform

The Anomali Platform

Key Capabilities

Exposure Management: Protect the organizational digital risk exposure from brand risk to exposed attack surface


Intelligence Management: Gain insights into global threat landscape, identifying the relevance of campaign activity to the organization


Extended Detection & Response: Stop cybersecurity attackers and their breaches with deeper visibility, richer context, and automated response

Threat Detection: Achieve deeper visibility into the organizational attack footprint and accelerate the time to high-precision detection


Threat Hunting: Go from threat bulletins to hunting for attacker footprints, including retrospective hunting, in minutes


Extensible Platform: Integrates across your entire security and IT management stack to provide maximum visibility across all security controls and optimize orchestrated response across all security functions

Investigation & Response: Gain attacker context to accelerate your investigations and response processes, predict the attacker's next move, and automate the distribution of indicators


Zero-Day Protection: Obtain visibility of newly detected zero-day threats across 100+ million global sensors, making unknown threats, known and detectable within minutes of discovery “in the wild”


Flexible Deployment: Cloud-native, multi-tenant solutions that easily integrate into existing security tech stacks offered through multi-cloud, on-premises, and hybrid deployments

Flexible deployment options to fit your requirements


For organizations requiring a best-of-breed threat platform that provides fast time-to-value, The Anomali Platform offers a cloud-native implementation that can be deployed in minutes.

Virtual machine

For organizations requiring their threat intelligence platform to be hosted in their cloud platform of choice, ThreatStream can be deployed as a virtual machine.


For organizations that need to ensure the security of locally generated data, The Anomali Platform On-Prem provides a locally managed private instance.

Air gap

For organizations requiring maximum security, ThreatStream AirGap is a completely standalone private instance, delivering full functionality without connecting to the Internet or any other threat intelligence service.

Anomali has been one of the only platforms we've seen that allows us to tag our own intelligence, apply confidence ratings and collaborate with other intel sources to get a better picture of the attacker infrastructures, etc at a play in Cyber Attacks.
Cyber Security Specialist,
Transportation industry

The relevant intelligence required to stop breaches. The extended detection and response (XDR) capabilities necessary to stop attackers.

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