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Threat Detection, Investigation and Response

Harness threat data, information, and intelligence to drive effective cyber security decisions


Knowing your adversaries helps your organization stay one step ahead with a proactive security posture. Anomali arms security teams with the cyber threat intelligence necessary to identify and prioritize critical threats to your organization.

  • Collect intelligence from premium feeds, OSINT, STIX/TAXII, ISACs
  • Evaluate and purchase intelligence feeds via Anomali APP Store
  • Apply machine learning optimized threat intelligence and reduce false positives
  • Normalize disparate sources and enrich with additional threat context
  • Give your analysts decision advantage and improve situational awareness
Anomali APP Store


Threat intelligence is a critical component of threat detection and prioritization. Anomali fuses threat intelligence with current and historical event data to identify threats inside your network.

  • Weighted scoring algorithm prioritizes your most viable threats
  • Evaluate historical exposure to newly identified threats
  • Counter threats through integrations with your existing security stack
  • Amplify your detection capability using the world’s best threat intelligence sources
  • Customize and iterate detection and response patterns


Automation can make the difference between two or twenty hours of work. Anomali automates the machine, repetitive tasks of threat intelligence to give security analysts the time, visibility, and tools needed to understand and take action against threats.

  • Eliminate the need to reconcile and normalize vast quantities of threat data
  • Enrich indicators with additional context for advanced insights
  • Improve workflows inside your existing orchestration platforms
  • Integrate with SIEM and EDR solutions to correlate information and prioritize alerts
  • Actively block high-severity threats through integrations with FW, IPS


Analysts are critical to assessing, researching, and responding to security threats. Anomali enables analysts to conduct investigations through automated, scalable workflows and collaboration between internal and external teams.

  • Visualize known IOCs and investigate unknown threats
  • Pivot on indicators to find related intelligence (WHOis, PassiveDNS, VirusTotal)
  • Produce relevant observables and threat bulletins
  • Associate indicators with threat actors and understand their TTPs


Sharing intelligence amplifies more than just your own defenses - it protects the community at large. Anomali enables organizations to share intelligence and collaborate on investigations with internal teams and established partners.

  • Instantaneous bi-directional sharing of intelligence
  • Maintain full control of privacy levels and shared information
  • Proactively respond to security events before they become breaking news
  • Align yourself with industry peers through Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs)
  • Benefit from security expertise, research, and recommended responses of other organizations

Deployment Options


Access your organization’s critical threat intelligence, powered by Anomali Cloud.


Hosted in your environment while receiving real-time threat data from trusted circles.


Hosted in your environment and disconnected from Anomali and public data.