Optimized response across security ecosystems
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Re-establish intended security posture across all ecosystems

Effectively respond with the confidence of a confirmed attack verdict, together with a broad understanding of the attacker, techniques and tools.

Optimized response across security ecosystems

When under attack, security teams need to make decisions fast.

The best decisions are made when all relevant intelligence is at your analysts’ fingertips. Before deciding to respond, an analyst needs to first confirm that the organization is in fact a victim of an attack. Second, deciding how to prioritize response resources requires fully understanding the attacker’s motives and the potential impact of the attack campaign on your organization. Finally, deciding where to respond requires integration across your security stack allowing your Incident Response team to quickly adjust security controls to terminate the current and to thwart a future attack.

Optimize your response with Anomali.

Anomali allows security teams to effectively respond to attacks by giving them the tools to make decisions based on all available intelligence. Using Anomali Lens, Incident Response teams confirm an attack hypothesis by matching structured and unstructured global intelligence with locally observed security events. Further, from the Anomali Lens heads-up display, an analyst initiates a global attack investigation workflow to better understand the attacker and the full extent of the attack.

Using the refined global attack intelligence, Anomali Match and ThreatStream dashboards provide the visualization required for Incident Response teams to prioritize response activities based on attack industry, region, and IT security posture relevancy. Relying on alerts from Anomali Match layered threat detection, the incident response team can jump into action to respond to a confirmed, matched attack or to further investigate suspicious activity observed in your environment – going back months and even years. This is detection at scale, without massive storage costs or the long weekends required to “thaw” cold storage.

Finally, the decision where to respond is made easy with Anomali Integrator out-of-the-box API and appliance integration with over sixty leading security technologies, enabling the Anomali platform to automatically respond to new threats by constantly tuning security controls, ensuring a robust security posture.

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