Precision attack detection
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Pinpoint the time, location and impact of an attack within seconds

Big data management that correlates high-fidelity attack signals together with an organization's SIEM, EDR, Messaging and Network telemetry to pinpoint relevant threats.

Precision attack detection

When it comes to detecting threats, the accuracy of the intelligence used in the detection process is critical. If the detection model is riddled with false positives, detection alerts are useless. If the severity scoring is off – the anticipated impact of a threat will not align with the reality of an attack. Effective security operations require consuming unprecedented amounts of telemetry and intelligence to both protect assets from attack and identify anomalous events.

Get precision attack detection with Anomali.

At the heart of Anomali’s threat detection capability is the certainty of constantly curated global intelligence used by Anomali to detect threats at scale. With Anomali Investigations security teams increase the fidelity of attack indicators used for detecting threats using both manual investigation and automated tools.

Anomali Match layered threat detection, including Sandbox detonation, Domain Generation Algorithm, and Indicator Matching correlates Anomali curated high fidelity global intelligence with local telemetry at an unprecedented scale. This innovative approach to threat detection provides analysts with suspicious activity data required to investigate the root cause of an attack, or when an indicator match is available, the precision confirmation of an attack required to immediately respond.

And because an attack is not a singular event, Anomali Match gives analysts the investigation tools required to profile the threat actor, monitor for newly discovered global signals, and [automatically update security controls could create a DoS event] to prepare for the inevitable subsequent attack.

The result is fewer alerts, more accurate threat detection, and a security team that is confident in knowing they are resilient against the next attack.

Hi-fidelity is required to prevent critical business process interruptions.

Worked well with Anomali to deploy solution within the company. The solution provided indicator of compromise (IOC) that are impacting your environment. You can tag the events and share with the community. Great MATCH functionality when feeding Qualys vulnerabilities into Anomali. Great tool.
Security and Risk Management,
Transportation industry

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