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Relevant intelligence at scale that filters out the noise and informs on the attacks, actors and techniques that security teams should care about.

Relevant intelligence at scale

A security strategy that lacks threat intelligence is like a car without a navigation system, speedometer, and gas gauge. Threat intelligence, including global trends as well as locally observed incidents and vulnerabilities, is critical to any organization’s effort to establish a resilient IT infrastructure. But because of the cost to acquire intelligence, insufficient team skills to cultivate relevancy, and the inability to operationalize, many organizations’ security strategies lack this critical capability.

Get relevant intelligence with Anomali.

Anomali takes intelligence and makes it relevant to what matters, giving CISOs the power to monitor global cybersecurity risks, detect potential attacks and perform investigations required to determine gaps in security coverage.

Anomali ThreatStream and Lens solutions allow security teams to tap into a range of intelligence sources relevant to their risk profile, whether structured or unstructured, commercial or open-source. Using machine learning, Anomali Macula eliminates redundant data and reduces costly false positives that send security teams in the wrong direction. Anomali Trusted Circles increases the visibility of industry-identified threats providing for secure collaboration of detection best practices, proprietary intelligence and in-progress investigations, and finished reports.

And finally, the Anomali platform tailors global intelligence to each customer's environment by extending visibility into locally observed security events and incidents, correlating this data with global threat intelligence at a massive scale.

Anomali provide a knowledge system that provides our organisation with a tool that helps us getting more insight and overview in the financial threat landscape, combined with extended connectivity possibilities related to external intelligence sources makes this a powerful tool.
CYI Analyst,
Finance industry

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