Anomali Overview

<p>Cybersecurity has become an issue that touches everyone. A simple action such as clicking on a link or visiting a seemingly legitimate website can cause you to become a victim. Organizations must defend themselves against thousands of cyber attacks a day. While most are low-level attacks, some are critical cybersecurity attacks costing organizations exorbitant amounts of money and severe data loss. To combat these attacks, organizations need to be able to identify the attacks and prioritize their response. Anomali Altitude<sup>TM</sup> makes this possible by offering a comprehensive platform for threat detection, investigation, and response. Anomali arms security teams with highly optimized threat intelligence powered by machine learning. This eliminates the repetitive tasks of threat intelligence to give security analysts the time, visibility, and tools needed to understand and take action against threats. Only Anomali delivers a truly comprehensive threat platform to help organizations stay ahead of their adversaries.</p> <p>Stay up to date with the latest emerging cybersecurity threats with the Anomali Weekly Threat Briefing. <a href="">Subscribe today.</a></p> <p><a href="">Download the Managing Threat Intelligence Playbook</a> to help you achieve your threat intelligence and management goals.</p>