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Weekly Threat Briefing

Every week the award winning Anomali Labs team publishes the Weekly Threat Briefing (WTB) - a summary of key security threat developments of the week.

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Actionable Cyber Security Digest

The Weekly Threat Briefing includes:

  • List of security threat updates, with links to source articles/information
  • Synopsis of each security threat
  • Anomali Labs recommendation for addressing the threat
  • Associated Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) for each threat

The briefing includes trending threat information and details on observed threats across the global Anomali community.

Weekly Threat Briefing
Breaking Cyber Threat News

Breaking News Alerts

Anomali Labs tracks security threats continually and provides Breaking News alerts when new, highly critical security threats emerge.

As a Weekly Threat Briefing subscriber you will receive critical security updates in real time as new cyber threats become known.

Integrates with Anomali

Anomali includes specific, actionable Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) for every entry in the Weekly Threat Briefing. This allows you to verify the threats have targeted your organization.

The Weekly Threat Briefing integrates seamlessly with Anomali Reports and Anomali App for Splunk (also free).

Automated Health Check

Anomali makes it easy to see if you've been targeted by threats in the weekly briefing. Simply register for Anomali Reports or setup the Anomali App for Splunk and you'll receive the Weekly Threat Briefing. One click then searches your data to identify any matches against the IOCs in the Weekly Threat Briefing or Breaking News alerts.

Only Anomali makes threat intelligence actionable.

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