Applying AI to Your SOC to Accelerate Performance and Improve Your Security Posture

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Strategies to Modernize Your SOC with AI

Security Operation Centers (SOCs) and those who support them are under relentless pressure to stay ahead of well-funded, unconstrained adversaries that innovate continuously. This dynamic is now being accelerated by the ubiquitous adoption of AI/Generative technologies, which is rapidly taking the global security landscape to an inflection point. 

In this on-demand webinar, former CSO and Anomali VP of Threat Research Steve Benton will discuss the application of AI to SOC performance as it applies to managing internal telemetry against external threats, its role in optimizing SIEM performance, and its role in driving automation to support remediation measured in seconds rather than weeks.

The on-demand webinar covers:

  • Improve Visibility - how AI can enable you to map internal telemetry to external threats immediately
  • The role of AI in optimizing your security stack to increase ROI on investments like SIEM and amplify the effectiveness of the ecosystem
  • SecOps Automation - how AI can increase efficiency, reduce staff pressures, improve overall SOC performance, and impact for the business

View the webinar to discover the benefits of AI for your SOC.

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