Effectively Automate Your CTI Program with Air Canada and Anomali


Effectively Automate Your CTI Program with Air Canada and Anomali

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Air Canada Demonstrates Tactical Steps to Ingest and Automate Threat Intel

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This webinar is the second in a series that demonstrates best practices for building effective and efficient threat intelligence programs with Anomali. You’ll hear from industry experts, Anomali power-users, and internal employees alike. 

Are you just getting started with your threat intel program? Kyle Howson, CSOC Specialist, IT & Cyber Security Operations, at Air Canada, shows you how he uses Anomali to automate his daily tasks. You'll learn tactical steps to building the automation and scripts needed to ingest, track, and manage your own threat intelligence through the Anomali threat intel platform, ThreatStream.

Dave Empringham, a Principal Sales Engineer at Anomali, joins Kyle to offer advice as he helps make these tasks easy for customers on a regular basis. 

They demonstrate how to:

  • Bring intel data relative to your own organization into ThreatStream
  • Leverage this intel to improve visibility
  • Operationalize threat intelligence to increase your security posture

Efficient threat intel management is an important building block for any threat intel program—watch the webinar today.