Executing the Security Mission: Takeaways from the SANS 2024 CTI Survey Results

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Escalating geopolitical instability over the previous year has increased pressure on Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) professionals to heighten their defense strategies and provide actionable intelligence to their stakeholders.

In this on-demand webcast, Steven Benton, VP of Anomali’s Threat Research and former CSO for BT Group, shares his reactions to the results of the SANS CTI 2024 Survey, which examined the challenges CTI professionals face in 2024 and how they are responding.

Steve Benton explains:

  • Why an integrated approach to threat intelligence and SecOps is a game-changer.
  • How to construct a security narrative with stakeholders that is aligned to the business’ goals and objectives.
  • The SOC challenges in supporting the CISO’s strategies.
  • How to harness AI to drive the development of an elite SOC that rises to today’s challenges.

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