The Insider's Playbook for External Threats | Anomali | ZeroFOX


The Insider’s Playbook for External Threats | Anomali | ZeroFOX

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Detection and Disruption Across the Public Attack Surface

In this webinar, Damian Skeeles Principal Architect at Anomali and Dr Sam Small Chief Security Officer at ZeroFOX discusses how the public attack surface is rapidly expanding. Forward-thinking security operations teams are learning how to address institutional impacts beyond the perimeter that can negatively impact brand reputation, create compliance issues, and threaten executives.

Discover how security teams are correlating external and internal threats to improve their security posture, triage external threat alerts, and strengthen their defences beyond the perimeter.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the TTPs of 2021’s most pervasive public attack surface threats and detect early warning signs for future attacks to revenue streams and consumer confidence
  • Translate external digital threat activity into proactive security measures for corporate and customer assets
  • Learn how to effectively take down malicious actors posing risks to brands, executives, internal networks

Watch the webinar on-demand to discover how to accelerate action, and fully disrupt threat actors.