The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Upleveling SOC Performance

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Security Operations Centers often struggle to keep pace with modern cybersecurity threat requirements. The volume and speed of threats (IOCs and IOAs) are well beyond the processing capabilities of even experienced security analysts, and this constraint doesn’t factor in the cost of these systems, which are expensive to buy and maintain.

In this webinar, Ali Haidar, Chief Adoption Officer at Anomali, will discuss the application of innovative AI technologies that can uplevel your cybersecurity posture at a fraction of your current investments.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how generative AI can drive immediate correlation between your external threat environment and your potential attack surface
  • Surface potential risks associated with deploying AI, and how to plan around them
  • Uplevel your analyst performance while reducing workloads by quickly separating signal from noise, allowing your staff to focus on more strategic initiatives

Join us for the third session in our monthly webinar demo series.

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