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Threatscape of the US Election from Anomali Labs

<h2>Cyber Attacks Targeting Political Elections Are In Full Swing</h2><p>The aftermath of the 2016 US Presidential election left many Americans questioning the integrity of the election infrastructure. Fast-forward to the US 2018 midterm election, and you&#39;d be hard-pressed to avoid seeing security researchers and media outlets discussing threats posed to nation’s election infrastructure.</p><p>A wide range of threat actors pose risks to the elections from sophisticated, state-sponsored Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) groups, to hacktivist groups, and less sophisticated threat actors (script kiddies). The potential attack vectors can vary depending on the complexity and skill of the culpable group, however, there are a series of common vectors that will remain constant.</p><p>The objective of this report is to discuss the current state of election risk and the beliefs amongst security researchers regarding the security of the US election infrastructure and the plethora of threats posed to it. We&#39;ll also explore the various groups who are known to attack election infrastructure or who have threat capabilities.</p><p><strong>READ THE REPORT NOW</strong></p>

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