May 20, 2014

Cyberwarfare and the Threat Intelligence Revolution

<p>Two days ago, the U.S. attorney general announced the indictment of members of the Chinese military who engaged in hacking American businesses and entities in order to spy and steal secrets. This announcement is groundbreaking in that it validates the stance the nation is taking when it comes to acts of cyber crime that affect our critical infrastructure, our financial institutions, as well as our nation state interests.</p><p>With today’s threat landscape changing as often as the climate, it is imperative that corporations do more to protect their intellectual property from cyber intrusions. The adversary unfortunately has the advantage. There are no legal boundaries or corporate boardrooms that prohibit the transfer of targeted information and attack techniques that are used against us on a daily basis.</p><p>It's time for a revolution - a threat intelligence revolution! Organizations can now obtain and leverage research and adversary information in order to prevent future compromise. Observables and threat indicators linking back to campaigns and attack infrastructure can be shared anonymously, and leveraged as part of ongoing monitoring. For the first time we have a platform to defeat sophisticated cyber criminals!</p>

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