Anomali Weekly Threat Intelligence Briefing - April 11, 2017 | Anomali

Anomali Weekly Threat Intelligence Briefing - April 11, 2017

Figure 1: IOC Summary Charts.  These charts summarize the IOCs attached to this magazine and provide a glimpse of the threats discussed.

Observed Threats

This section includes the top threats observed from the Anomali Community user base as well as sensors deployed by Anomali Labs. A ThreatStream account is required to view this section. Click here to request a trial.

REMCOS Backdoor Tool Tip
The REMCOS Backdoor is a publicly available Remote Access Tool. It has been available since 2016 and is under active development. The author, who goes by _Viotto_, offers both free and paid versions at their website ``. REMCOS is currently being used in the wild with malicious intent despite the author's claims that the tool is for legitimate use only.

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