June 6, 2016
Joe Franscella

What the Right Threat Intelligence Platform Can Do for You

<p>Finding a suitable threat intelligence platform is a matter of identifying your needs and deciding on an appropriate solution. If you make the effort to select a system which can identify potential threats and actual breaches and recommends effective action, you will be rewarded with peace of mind. The right platform can offer you speed, accuracy, and ease of use.</p><p>Speed matters when it comes to preventing <a href="http://www.pewinternet.org/2014/10/29/cyber-attacks-likely-to-increase/" target="_blank">espionage or targeted sabotage</a>. Warning signs inform preventive techniques. If you value your data, the right threat intelligence platform (TIP) should recommend actions to take. Responses and preventative recommendations should be clear and actionable. Different steps can be taken in response at various phases of an attack.</p><p>Alerts of successful attacks must be swift. Victims need as much time as possible to respond. Early indicators of compromise (IoC) such as <a href="http://www.nbcnews.com/tech/security/irs-hack-hackers-buy-info-costcos-cybercrime-experts-say-n365366" target="_blank">suspicious user logins</a> can be identified based on a barrage of incorrect login attempts, unique IP address, or even activity performed at an atypical hour.</p><p>Leverage the most possible info bank of known actors. The best platforms not only scan for the malware known at the time of installation. The most accurate warnings are created in part by communicating with a cloud based “wanted list” of previously identified threats. A quality platform should identify your attackers. It should inform you of which enemies are responsible for which actions. If the actors are connected to or within your company, you need to know.</p><p>In order to be useful for threat intelligence, the application must precisely identify which systems are being targeted. Knowing which servers, databases, email logs, etc. are under attack is important to identify. The resources identified as being of value to attackers allows you the foresight to protect it appropriately. Whenever possible, victims of targeted attacks need to know if they have been chosen individually, even if the method of attack was a seemingly-random virus.</p><p>Choose a platform which has reliable alerts. A quality threat intelligent platform will have a relatively low occurrence of false alarms. The most accurate intelligence platforms operate using <a href="http://www.excelsior.edu/static/journals/nci-journal/1-1/files/22.html" target="_blank">evidence based reasoning</a>. Applications which cast too wide a net and send off too many false alarms are problematic because of alert fatigue.</p><p>Investing in a reliable security strategy is an undertaking which requires some expenditure. Your cyber security plans may face more budget scrutiny in some industries than others. It’s wise for all enterprises to seek a relatively low labor cost and good return on investment. Hosting honeypots may have been out of the means of many enterprises until <a href="https://www.anomali.com/blog/deploying-managing-and-leveraging-honeypots-in-the-enterprise-using-open-so">open source codes for the Modern Honey Network</a> were introduced. When your platform works with a honeypot that is free to download, you can be confident you didn’t waste resources reinventing the wheel.</p><p>A quality threat intelligent platform will be easy to manage. The interface for viewing threat data should be accessible from your home or office. Adding users, viewing the map, and accessing the rule settings are also important management features you should consider when selecting a platform. If you plan on growing your enterprise, your cyber-security solution should be customizable and able to scale up. It should be versatile with regards to which honeypots you can include.</p><p>Having an expansive databank of known threat actors to compare against requires that we continually update it. The Senate Intelligence Committee has passed a bill, the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015, encouraging sharing of threat intelligence despite concerns about privacy. The right threat intelligence platform will enable your enterprise <a href="https://www.anomali.com/blog/sharing-threat-intelligence-why-and-how">to comply with threat data sharing initiatives</a> in a manner with which you are comfortable.</p><p>Finding the best online security solution is an important decision. Selecting the right platform will pay off with valuable intelligence, increased stakeholder confidence, and competitive edge over less prepared peers.</p><p>Learn more about the Anomali Match model which focuses on prioritization and relevance for both security operations and threat analysts in our free download!</p><p><span class="hs-cta-wrapper" id="hs-cta-wrapper-522663a1-2e23-4655-9c36-592b876fdb70"><span class="hs-cta-node hs-cta-522663a1-2e23-4655-9c36-592b876fdb70" data-hs-drop="true" id="hs-cta-522663a1-2e23-4655-9c36-592b876fdb70" style="visibility: visible; display: block; text-align: center;"><a class="cta_button" cta_dest_link="{page_3455}" href="https://cta-service-cms2.hubspot.com/ctas/v2/public/cs/c/?cta_guid=ae87b536-87f5-4cf1-85e5-1cf25faf63c6&amp;placement_guid=522663a1-2e23-4655-9c36-592b876fdb70&amp;portal_id=458120&amp;redirect_url=APefjpH2nQZ0ru0Ni1ZmaZDP51nLbb6TZkiprIn7LOrMR7WmYm93vatp0t2XC_aBSYhKmhLcWy7OEz2Y2rUvrbL_OzFQthX0NPodBtIFBpwg_G3puQ8Un2MTaTNBA4tQkf5d1g5G-uedLN36PK1WwKpWcPmk3OzrNKKse_48SPBOjiO-Xp71mHOPFynVstuOcVrhgMPtEY6Ry4BFtoapS9GqE9R9vc6LnTdpzA2IdQ-iS4Ic4nEdKpx395i92bTiECerW3DXgqg24aivXlTxwUHNW71e1ehbzzC1ZLK-w8xzoGgyze2AGDEjeggZ5c7HD3rzHSxzuw23NYtwIyiwdS7pPGL9uvop-8HqkzLMysSfGBD5rsGdk0w&amp;hsutk=2767d93d6471d657e0c9f660e4b58ef8&amp;utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fblog.anomali.com%2Fwhat-the-right-threat-intelligence-platform-can-do-for-you&amp;canon=https%3A%2F%2Fblog.anomali.com%2Fwhat-the-right-threat-intelligence-platform-can-do-for-you&amp;pageId=4190772388&amp;__hstc=41179005.2767d93d6471d657e0c9f660e4b58ef8.1456736058655.1478831861868.1478887113345.180&amp;__hssc=41179005.5.1478887113345&amp;__hsfp=1335165674" id="cta_button_458120_ae87b536-87f5-4cf1-85e5-1cf25faf63c6" style="margin: 20px auto;" target="_blank" title="Free Download Here">Free Download Here </a> </span> <script charset="utf-8" src="https://js.hscta.net/cta/current.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript">hbspt.cta.load(458120, '522663a1-2e23-4655-9c36-592b876fdb70', {});</script> </span></p>

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