Anomali Focuses on Threat Intelligence and Analysis at GITEX GLOBAL

<p>Arabian Reseller organized an interview with Anomali’s Khaled Chatila, Regional Director Middle East, at the GITEX GLOBAL conference held in Dubai. GITEX GLOBAL is the largest technology event in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. It brings together over 100,000 visitors from over 140 countries ranging from start-ups to tech titans. Arabian Reseller is a platform dedicated to informing and empowering the regional IT channel community including, but not limited to, system integrators, resellers, distributors and vendors.</p><p>Key topics from the discussion with Mr. Chatila include:</p><ul><li>An in-depth look at Anomali’s history and growth in the Middle East</li><li>How distributor, Spectrami, played an integral part in Anomali gaining recognition and growth in the market</li><li>A high-level overview of products Anomali ThreatStream and Anomali Match</li><li>Key in-region customer wins across multiple verticals</li><li>Anomali’s local resources and expansion plans into the Middle East</li></ul>


INTERVIEWER: Mr. Khaled, can you tell us more about company Anomali?


Anomali is a company that was founded in 2013, first threat intelligence platform out there and the oldest threat intelligence platform.

We have been in the region since years or so, with local people on the ground.

We have been working in the region earlier than that.

Our first interaction with the region was through Spectrami as our local distributor, who have been extremely pleasurable to work with and have really supported us from day one with their extended Salesforce team and the coverage of all the countries that the Anomali Middle East entity is handling.

INTERVIEWER: What are the solution portfolios that are [INAUDIBLE]?

The portfolio of Anomali contains a number of key security products that help with the detection and identification of threats coming from all over the world.

So the first product that we launched back in 2013, 2014 was the Anomali Threat Intelligence platform, Anomali threat stream.

This platform allows for the aggregation, centralization of threat intelligence data, IoCs, et cetera.

It allows to remove duplicates from all the vast sources of information out there, the vast sources of threat intelligence, removing duplicates and removing false positives, cleaning up the threat intelligence data that then allows customers to use this information in a much more streamlined fashion.

The second product that Anomali has developed of late is Anomali Match.

Anomali Match is a high-speed purpose-built threat intelligence matching engine with customers' internal data.

So it allows customers to very quickly discover threats on their environment, within their environment.

It allows customers to discover threats within their environments very quickly and much faster than the current technologies that are out there for this purpose.

INTERVIEWER: How is the new journey with Spectrami?

Our journey with Spectrami started in 2015, 2016 time frame.

So we have had a long journey with Spectrami so far.

It has been a very fruitful journey.

Spectrami have been very supportive since day one.

The team at Spectrami has allowed Anomali to expand relatively quickly within this region, simply because they have had a sales team that the Anomali local team used as an extended part of the Anomali Middle East team.

So their support has been phenomenal.

They have a vast reach in all the countries that the Anomali Middle East Entity handles from North Africa, to Turkey, to the Middle East and GCC region.

Spectrami has people on the ground in these countries to help expand the reach of Anomali way beyond what the Anomali team directly is capable of at this time.

INTERVIEWER: Can you tell us about the major customers, the wins you have in 2019?

So we've had a number of major customer wins.

One of our biggest wins in the last couple of years has been the Saudi Telecom Company, which is a very extensive and heavy user of Anomali Threat Intelligence platform.

We have also had a number of customer wins in the field of oil and gas, in the field of banking, telecommunication.

So we cannot really share the names of customers readily, but these verticals are what Anomali is strong in.

And we have definitely a number of customers, more than 12 customers in the Middle East right now, in these different verticals.

INTERVIEWER: And what are the geographical expansions planned?

So we have actually recently, just a couple of months ago, expanded into physically putting someone in Saudi Arabia.

So we have now our local users in Saudi Arabia.

We have resources in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the region that are enough to cover currently the Middle East requirements.

And obviously, through our extended reach with Spectrami, we have resources all over the region that are capable of speaking about Anomali, demonstrating Anomali, and showing the value of Anomali to the various potential customers that we may interact with.

Thank you, Mr. Khaled, for speaking to us.

Thank you, very much.


Thank you.