Dev.Sec.Lead: Cyber Intelligence and Servant Leadership

<p>Dev.Sec.Lead host, Wilson Bautista Jr., talks with AJ Nash, Director of Cyber Intelligence Strategy at Anomali, about AJ’s learnings from a long-standing career in cyber intelligence as well as the concept and application of servant leadership.</p><p>Highlights from the interview include:</p><ul><li>Setting the record straight on jargon used in the intelligence community</li><li>Challenges in implementing and maintaining an effective threat intelligence program</li><li>The cybersecurity talent shortage</li><li>How to get the necessary skills to be successful in the cybersecurity industry</li><li>A humanistic approach to management called servant leadership</li></ul><p>Download the <a href="https://www.anomali.com/resources/whitepapers/2019-ponemon-report-the-value-of-threat-intelligence-from-anomali">2019 Ponemon Report: The Value of Threat Intelligence from Anomali </a>for further information on the trends and benefits of threat intelligence.</p>