Threat Intelligence and Threat Hunting in East Africa

<p>At CIO 100 Annual Symposium & Awards held in Kenya, Niall MacLeod, Director of Solutions Architecture at Anomali, sat down with Victoria Amunga from Metropol TV, to discuss threat hunting and threat intelligence solutions. The mission of the CIO 100 Annual Symposium & Awards is to inform professionals and organizations on an array of topics. Ultimately, empowering them to make sound business decisions. </p><p>Key topics from the discussion include:</p><ul><li>Organizations can use threat intelligence to distinguish between good and bad network traffic</li><li>Debunking the myth that threat intelligence is expensive</li><li>The value in sharing threat intelligence</li><li>How threat hunting can enable an organization determine what security tools in their environment are working effectively and where there are gaps in the network </li><li>Steps to build a robust threat intelligence program</li><li>Threat intelligence as an insurance policy</li><li>The global cybersecurity skills shortage</li><li>Using automation to save on headcount costs, but at the same time enable employees to be more efficient by using threat intelligence solutions</li></ul><p>Download the <a href="">SANS 2019 Threat Hunting Survey</a> to learn how to properly utilize threat hunting. </p>