XDR Cybersecurity Solutions Give Enterprises an Edge Against Cyber Threats

<p>Today’s threat landscape is a moving target, and an accelerating one as cybercriminals have extensive resources and are highly motivated. Enterprises need a next-generation response if they want to be able to keep up.</p> <p>“What’s needed now is a new way of thinking and acting. We can no longer operate with a wait-and-see approach. To succeed in the modern business environment, public and private sector organizations must take a strategic approach to deal with cyber threats — one that will allow us to end the race by crossing the finish line ahead of nefarious actors,” says Mark Alba, Chief Product Officer at Anomali.</p> <p>One of the best strategies for quickly detecting and responding to threats in real-time is extended detection and response (XDR) solutions. XDR enables organizations to collect all available security information, correlate it against internal indicators of compromise (IOCs) and telemetry for rapid detection, and then operationalize threat intelligence to support a faster response. “Our unique Anomali Match XDR product provides the precision detection and optimized response support needed to stop attackers and breaches before they have a chance to disrupt operations,” says Alba.</p> <p><a href="">Learn more about Anomali Match XDR.</a></p>