Detect LIVE Dec 20 – Climbing the Threat Intelligence Maturity Curve | DXC Technology

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<p>The path to achieving "intelligence-driven" security operations can be challenging, and organizations start in different places and face unique threat environments. Buying a few threat feeds is not enough if you&#39;re not using them properly.</p> <p>In this executive dialogue, we spoke to Jimmie Owens, CISO and Vice President, Enterprise Security, at DXC Technology to explore his insights and experience in the journey to cyber threat intelligence across a range of industries and organization types.</p> <p>We&#39;ll discuss issues such as how to understand and prioritize your threat intelligence requirements, how much intelligence you need, how to ensure your CTI program delivers actionable intelligence, and how to analyze the threat landscape to find actionable insights.</p> <p>Jimmie will also share a repeatable process for setting up a cyber threat intelligence program, and how to mature your CTI processes.</p> <p><strong>Watch the webinar to gain insight on how to make your organization threat intelligence-driven.</strong></p>