MITRE Engenuity and Anomali Help You ​​Anticipate an Adversary’s Next Move

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<!-- START: Parmonic embed for video --> <h2 class="parmonic-widget" data-layout="trailer-timeline" data-v-id="trailer/21e0b5ce7fd994a3">The Opportunity of Defeating the Enemy Is Provided By the Enemy Himself. – Sun Tzu, <em>The Art of War</em></h2> <p>Tracking adversary behaviors is key to adopting a threat-informed defense. While most defenders commonly track adversary behaviors, they often do it individually, focusing on one specific action at a time. This approach only focuses on one step, as adversaries use sequences of behaviors to achieve their goals. Understanding the context within those sequences makes defenders better prepared and more effective.</p> <p><iframe allow="fullscreen" src="https://parmonic.ai/anomali/trailer/d4a3a6e355aca1b9/iframe" style="width: 100%; aspect-ratio: 16/9; border: 0;" title="Trailer - MITRE and Anomali"></iframe></p> <p>Anomali joined MITRE Engenuity’s Center for Threat-Informed Defense to collaborate on the Attack Flow Project to better understand adversary behavior and improve defensive capabilities.</p> <p>Watch the on-demand webinar to hear more about:</p> <ul> <li>MITRE Engenuity’s Center for Threat-Informed Defense and the Attack Flow Project, of which Anomali is a proud participant</li> <li>Why MITRE ATT&CK is becoming the de facto framework used by security analysts</li> <li>How the Attack Flow Project and Anomali’s solutions use MITRE ATT&CK® to describe specific adversary behaviors.</li> </ul> <p>Learn more about how Attack Flow patterns can help you better understand your adversary to effectively defend against them.</p> <h3>Speakers</h3> <p>Chris Steffen, Managing Research Director, Enterprise Management Associates</p> <p>Jon Baker, Director and Co-Founder, Center for Threat-Informed Defense</p> <p>Mark Alba, Chief Product Officer, Anomali</p> <p>Chris Needs, VP Product Management, Anomali</p>
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