Turning Intelligence Into Action with MITRE ATT&CK: Detect ‘19 Series

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<p>ON-DEMAND WEBCAST</p><p>Many of you have embraced the concept of a threat-informed defense but are still struggling to bridge the gap between intelligence and action. MITRE ATT&CK provides a structure for organizing adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) that allows intel analysts to organize adversary behaviors and communicate them in a way that is actionable by defenders.</p><p>Katie Nickels, ATT&CK Threat Intelligence Lead and Adam Pennington, Principal Cyber Security Engineer, from MITRE Corporation will recommend how to use ATT&CK to improve the practice of threat intelligence based on experience gained mapping hundreds of public threat intelligence reports to ATT&CK. They’ll explore:</p><ul><li>Biases inherent in public threat intelligence and the process of mapping it to ATT&CK</li><li>How to avoid traps that you may encounter</li><li>Ways ATT&CK intelligence can be successfully applied to defend against your priority threats</li></ul><p><strong>Put ATT&CK to work for you, watch the on-demand presentation today.</strong></p>