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The Forrester Tech Tide: Threat Intelligence, Q2 2021

<h2>Take a Closer Look at Fifteen Technologies and Services that Underpin Threat Intelligence</h2> <p>The Forrester Tech Tide is a report that examines the maturity of an ecosystem of technologies and helps organizations make decisions on which technologies to invest in and when. A Forrester Tech Tide classifies software or hardware, based on maturity and business value, into one of the following categories: experiment, invest, maintain, or divest. This report presents an analysis of the maturity and business value of the 15 service and technology categories that enable effective threat intelligence-driven security programs. </p> <p>Threat intelligence is crucial to enterprises’ ability to manage cyber risks and build resilient cybersecurity programs. To accelerate their threat intelligence performance, enterprises are evaluating and adopting multiple services and technologies.<br /> <br /> Brian Kime, Senior Analyst at Forrester, and Elsa Pikulik, a contributing researcher at Forrester, cover these key points:</p> <ul> <li>Leveraging Threat Intelligence to Manage Risk and Reduce Breaches</li> <li>Selecting, Investing, and Maintaining Threat Intelligence Technologies</li> <li>Experimenting with Climate Risk Intelligence</li> <li>Investing in Industrial Control System (ICS) Threat Intelligence</li> <li>Forrester Recognizes Anomali for Intelligence Management Solutions</li> </ul> <p><strong>Read this report to shape your organization’s investment approach to threat intelligence technologies.</strong></p>

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