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Limo - Free Intel Feed

Free Threat Intelligence Feeds

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Limo is an out-of-the-box TAXII service for users who want to get started with threat intelligence. Now fully STIX/TAXII 2.0 compatible, Limo incorporates intelligence from Anomali Labs, the Modern Honey Net, open source feeds, and more.

Limo sites
Limo feeds

How it works

Anomali Limo makes it easy to select:

  • Which feeds you’d like to collect
  • How many days of past history to download
  • The frequency of updates

How to get started

The simplest way to access Anomali’s Limo service is through STAXX. To get started:

Download the STAXX client

  • Set your preferences

You can also get the benefits of Limo without STAXX. Simply:

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Want to know more?

If you have questions about Limo, STAXX, or any other Anomali product, join the conversation on the Anomali Forum.

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