Comparative Demo: The Anomali AI/SecOps Platform

Cyber threats and the cybersecurity landscape at large are increasingly challenging. Policies for reporting breaches are changing rapidly, and cyber attackers are constantly discovering new ways and methods to impact businesses. In order to stay ahead, you need a cybersecurity solution that is fast, effective, and works for you—that’s where the Anomali AI/SecOps Platform comes in.

Watch this video demonstration led by Erick Ingleby, Vice President of Product Management, to discover how the Anomali AI-driven platform allows you to quickly and efficiently search for breaches, respond to them, and report out on them. Features demonstrated include:

  • Anomali Lens: Translate data from natural language to machine readable language in the blink of an eye.
  • Anomali Match: Run search queries spanning back months and receive the data in seconds.
  • Anomali GPT: Summarize and understand complex data quickly.

Discover more capabilities of the Anomali AI/SecOps Platform and how it compares to other cybersecurity solutions in this demo video.

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