Detect LIVE Nov 21 – Best Practices for Breaking Down Silos and Infusing Threat Intelligence Into Your Security Program

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<h2>A Panel Discussion on Using Threat Intelligence to Help Break Down Silos</h2> <p>Digital transformation has accelerated the need for organizations to take a holistic approach to cybersecurity. As organizations expand and evolve so does their digital attack surface, security teams struggle to adapt operations or collaborate cross-functionally to ensure adequate defensive measures.</p> <p>The panel featured Lance Taylor of CLEAR, Kevin Tongs of Flashpoint, and is moderated by Joe Ariganello of Anomali. They discussed how utilizing threat intelligence can help bridge gaps and increase an organization&#39;s security posture.</p> <p>Informative topics covered include: </p> <ul> <li>The Role Cybersecurity Plays in Digital Transformation</li> <li>The Covid Impact on Day to Day Operations</li> <li>A CISOs Guide to Organizational Structure and Key Components to Consider</li> <li>Challenges Facing Organizations</li> <li>How Threat Intelligence Plays a Role for Each Security Team Member</li> <li>Where the Market Is Headed and What Trends and New Threats are Emerging</li> </ul> <p><strong>Watch the session to take the first step towards using threat intelligence to inform and unify!</strong></p>